Are you cool or lame

Are you cool or lame

Cool or lame. if Cool love music. If lame read books. Only this test would tell you !!

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You see your best friend's boyfriend kiss another girl, you:

Run and tell your best friend! She deserves to know!
Walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder and wave then walk away!
Pretend like you didn't see anything!

You see the lamest person in school all alone, you:

Just ignore him/her! Everyone hates him/her for a reason!
Just sit a little with them just to pretend you're trying to cheer them up!
don't even know why people hate eachother this much! I'd sit with him/her and try to build a friendship!
Be Nice!!

Your friend ditches you to stay with the person you hate, you:

Never talk to her again! My friend is MY friend!
Whatever! The fight is only between me and the enemy!
Feel hurt but just pretend everything's okay!

Everyone at school is wearing baggy jeans, you:

Totally join!
Try to be different!
I don't wear them! Wear are we? In the streets?

Whats your Fave color?


do u like people because there popular

No. Thats really mean.

do u do what u like?

i like to fit in so no
heck ya!

You get an "F" on your test, you:

stare at the paper and think of a way to become better in tests!
I'm too busy for this nonsense! Grades aren't the most important thing in the world!
Be upset and/or start crying!