Are you like me? (17)

Are you like me? (17)

Okay, everyone is doing these so i have to do it to :3 yay :D so take my quiz

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Okay i know everyone hates this question but what's your favorite color

Yellow the color of happiness
Pink the color of FABULOUS!!!!
red.... the color of death
Blue the color of a calm river
Gold the color of sparkles
black the color of nothing...

okay, what anime is best

Like you know umm.. those cute magical girl one like,
uhhh like Ojamajo doremiiii
Sailor moon, because you know, sparkles
.... anime is just stupid Japanese stuff that doesn't
Shugo Chara :) little guardians that help you find your
true self/ Rozen Maiden cute dolls trying to kill each
other to become Alice
uhh.... i don't know maybe something where there's
deaths, slow bloody deaths... mwahahaHAHA

What do you look for in a guy

UNICORN and he HAS to have sparkles
emo... a guy who thinks about death like me
I don't know, as long he likes my personality, because
i'm not pretty AT All :( but whatever (me: it's okay
same thing here :( mehhh....)
like everybody has to like him, and like he would love
me more
why can't the world go on with out having about 11
year old having f***ing boyfriends sheesh people get it
together!!! (me: i like you)
my imaginary friend who hates himself

How many friends do you have

.... dose my self count?....
No every one is to girly and idiotic
i have a guy friend who likes me
I have two friends... together were going to kill
everyone (me: good to know *backs away*)
3 best friends and a couple other people i talk to
like about 20 best friends we loooove SPARKLES
The whole school

Creepy pasta

.... Creppy sparkles?
yeah... l like the part when they die....

What's your favorite vocaloid song

i have no idea what vocaloid is.... it sounds retarded
Ten faced, always and forever, and the idiot who raised is middle finger in the middle of the world (me: me too!)
World is mine!!!
i don't know what vocloid is... but i like 1D and JB and SPARKLES!!!!
The corpse for candy addicts.... um... Freely tomorrow... i don't know
i don't care

What's your favorite movie/show

I hate tv
soonge bob!!!
i like gravity falls, that was cool
Twilight, vampires, and spark- (me: okay enough with the sparkles)
i don't know, scary ghost videos