what personality do you have?

what personality do you have?

naughty, nice or plain old stupid, find out now, it's easy with this quiz

published on July 02, 2011132 responses 23 3.3★ / 5

stuck at home doing chores what do you do?

I forgot how to use a mop. wait what's a mop
sneak out and hook up
finish chores so I can paint my own pottery before cefew

your friend takes you to a bar. what do you do?

order a cranberry juice and leave before it gets to late
drink,strip,pole dance, and hit on guys until you get kicked out

talent week at the bar is coming up. what's your act?

pole dancing what do you think
talent? Disco Disco!
a musical about a lonely farm girl who befriends a cow (one woman of course)

fav food?

any food as long as it had a sexy waitor
veggie platters
cheeeeeeeeeeeese doodles

how do you like this quiz

I'm just waiting to finish this so I can watch porn
I absolutely loved it! great job
sum1 is typing this for me and reading the questions for me