What warcraft race are you (alliance)

What warcraft race are you (alliance)

this will see what alliance race from World of Warcraft you are are you a Human, Night elf, Drenai, worgen, pandaran, gnome,or dwarf.

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are you tall?

taller than most
no im stronger than you though
not unless you count my IQ

are you furry?

i can be
do tentacles count?
no just have normal hair

do you want/have facial hair?

i have/want a beard to my stomach
i have/want a beard to my knees
not much
not at all
i have a sweet stache

are you an animal/can you turn into one?

yes i can
only by my specialization
i can use my technological mind to create a chemical to turn myself into a animal

what phrase do you like best

for the alliance
by the light of Elune!
My your a tall one!
How are ya?
I gottta feelin
life, family, beer they are what matter most
Koni kai Kristol

FINAL QUESTION: hows the weather down there?

cloudy with a 68.9573659% chance of rain
same as up there why?
i'm taller than you
i a,m the same size as you that doesn't make sense