How selfish are you?

Find out how selfish you really are to you friends and family! And how you are to them

published on June 30, 201164 responses 14 4.2★ / 5

If you and a friend found a coin on the street, what would you do with it?

Keep it for yourself
Just leave it there
Give it to your friend

When in a group, how much effort do you put in?

None, let the others do the work
A moderate amount
Give it your all

Who do you think deserves this chocolate bar more, you or her?

Split it

If working with a friend and are given praise for you work, how do you accept it?

I did so much more work than her
Thank you
She did most of the work really

If you had spare change while walking past a homeless person what do you do?

Flash the money but don't give it to them
Hide the money because you think he'd/she'd spend it needlessly
Buy them some food, so they don't spend the money on drugs/cigarettes