Does he love you? (Girls only!) :O

Does he love you? (Girls only!) :O

Ur yeah! Look at my quiz and answer it! Send the link to other people.... I have a boy crush... I so love him!! :) xx

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When you look at him, do you catch him staring at you?

Yes, totally! Omg is this good?
Urm no... I now feel embarrassed....

Does he smile at you?

Yes, yes he does! :)
Never... He doesn't even notice me.
Sometimes! Or is it at the person behind me? :/

Does he hold the door for you?

No he never does. He just slams it back shut... :'(
Yeah, and then he goes 'There you go!'
Sometimes, depends if his girlfriend is behind me or not.

Is he single? This is like very important if you like someone! He has to be single, or at least notice you ladies!! :O

He's single, but just out of a relationship!
He's taken by a slut.
He's actually gay.

Final question!!! Do you think he loves you?

I don't know! That's why I'm taking the quiz?
I think so! But not sure....
Well no! DUH!! :O
I hoped this would help me...