Would you rather? (3)

Would you rather? (3)

Would you take this quiz? It's fun it's just all about what you would rather do . Hope you enjoy!!?

published on October 01, 201368 responses 15 5.0★ / 5

Would you rather be ....

The funniest person on earth
The most beautiful / handsome person on earth or
The smartest person on earth

Would you rather

Sneak into your enemy's house and steal something that's his/hers
Or your enemy going to your house and stealing something yours

Would you rather ...

Be naked for 3 straight days
Or wear itchy clothes for 5 strait days

Would you rather be

Or be able to read minds

Would you rather ....

Walk through a graveyard at midnight by yourself
Or spend the night in a spooky abandoned house
with a friend

Would you rather

Marry an ugly and fat billionaire
Or marry a super hot pore person

Would you rather ....

Be deaf
Or blind

Which would you rather want to be real ...

Vampires or

You stuck in a bad storm and its just you your beast friend and your boyfriend / girlfriend . But you can only say one person would you rather save your

Best friend
Or your boyfriend / girlfriend