The Grudge House (1)

The Grudge House (1)

This is my first quiz so I hope you guys like it but this is The Grudge just like Ju-On The Grudge you should see them 2 movies there scary and awesome...

published on September 29, 201311 responses 4 3.0★ / 5

Your in Japan and you walk up onto a haunted house it was also raining how do you react?

nope! im leaving! *leaves* me: *facepalm*
sure i'll go in *goes into house*
....*runs into house*

You see old stairs they creak alot do you go up the stairs?

I said no!
yes I will go upstairs *goes upstairs*

You see a little boy with scratches all over him and hes holding a black cat what do you do?

get away from me! or i'll hurt you! me: little harsh...
hi little boy whats your name? little boy: Toshio...

its past after midnight your walking through the trail across the woods and you hear someone saying ow! and then you hear someone running through the weeds what do you do?

*your running back to the house saying* I quit! I quit! stay away from me!
I don't care who are you? are you lost? *keeps walking though the trail*

its past after midnight you wake up and you see shadows you get up and you see Toshio but hes gray and The Grudge crawling towards you what do you do?

*you run past them with a phone calling the S.W.A.T.S team*
hi Toshio and The Grudge what are you doing here? are you here to play with me? Me and my cousin: *facepalm* your retarted...

The Grudge is crawling for you she says "uuuhhhh..." and her neck is turning at you crazy what do you do?

hey you wants some popcorn? The Grudge: *turns to the right that means yes you give her popcorn and run away*
*you get on the floor and you act like her* uuuhhhh... The Grudge: uuuhhhh..? *then you get up and yell at her* stop! get out of my face! The Grudge: *keeps crawling after you* uuuuhhhh...

Your sleeping on the floor and you wake up to a train going by the house then you see The Grudge crawling on you what do you do?

*You push her off and run out the house while screaming*
*give her a big hug and say hi* Me and my cousin: really?