What would happen to you in a war?

What would happen to you in a war?

A few questions to see if and how would you do in combat scenarios, and if you would live to see the end.

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There are terrorists in a bank- the number is unknown and they have hostiges. They demand that you free fellow terrorists from prison and supply them with money and a plane, pilot and vechicle to get there. If you do not meet their demands they will start killing hostiges every 20 minutes. what do you do

Create a diversion at the back to attract attention
before launching a full frontal assault and taking them by
Make a sh*t load of noise as your helecopter deploys a
highly trained infiltration team on top of the roof - those
guys will get the job done!
Find out as much as you can about the situation inside
before you move in, if accurate information prevents its
self then and only then will you take action.
Throw in stun grenades from doors and windows, move
in fast leading lightening teams with sub machine guns,
giving you the element of surprise hoping that you may
be able to disorientate them and either kill or capture
with min-casualties

The borders of your nation are being assaulted without warning. You are in command of an Apache helicopter and must move fast and hard. Intel suggests that the frontal assault is mostly composed of tanks and infantry. Your forces are already moving to repel the invading forces but what do you equip your helicopter with?

A full load of hell fire anti tank missiles- costly but very
effective against armor
A full load of 72-2.75 rockets in 4 pods. Will incinerate
multiple infantry per rocket but you'd have to unload a
full pod to at best stop the tank in its tracks - another
pod to destroy it
You set a mixed load of 36 2.75 rockets and 8 hell fire
missiles so no one is feeling left out - what do you mean
too much fire power
You attach the 12 barrel mini vulcan guns at .68 cal
rounds. And fill your craft with as many as it will hold
without limiting your movement - approx.10000 rounds
and 2 gunners to fire them

You are with your 8 troopers split into 2-4 man firing teams.Your mission is to clear the valley of enemy forces with as little as possible casualties yet you must move fast so your battalion can retake the bridges tomorrow. How would you clear the valley? You hear a crack of a rifle and your helmet gets thrown from your head, a second later you hear a thump. you...

Instantly take cover and wait for the commander to
give orders, he is commander for a reason.
Get your boots to dirt and take firing positions around
the valley, strategically speaking is the best option for
repelling forces but at a cost of time.
Take your 4-man firing team up the center of the valley
whilst the other team follows taking flanking positions.
there is little cover and your team would take the brunt
of the attack but as long as the other team is safe.
Carry on regardless, it was obviously a stray round and it
only coincidentally found your helmet + the last thing
the enemy would expect is a pressure charge attack -
they wouldnt be prepaired

You have been given orders to locate and report on an advancing enemy column . How would you carry out the patrol.

Advance at full speed ahead of the battle group with a
select few - if you move fast enough you can catch the
enemy patrol ASAP, hopefully you spot them first.
Advance only 1 mile from the larger battle group,
commanding marksmen to take positions every few 100
ft. After you have achieved the mile distance, move at
the same pace so if you run into a patrol, snipers can
cover and your back up is only minutes behind.
Use a map to locate the last seen position of the enemy
patrol and plan to set an ambush at their usual route,
will take time, planning, skill and luck, but if successful
there will minimal casualties
Take 3 of your best with you around the out skirts
moving feather light and lightening fast, while your
battalion sets up a strong defense at their usual route.
Your job is to block their retreat at cut them up from 2
fronts, very clever but very dangerous for your 4-man

There is 8 men left with the president of the USA, your team have been running for 3 days but your at an end, you approach an abandoned bunker. There is a very small tunnel big enough for 1 man to crawl through on his stomach - after the tunnel its 5 miles to extraction. A hunter team is about 10 minutes away with at least 15x your force. You know it would take at least 12 minutes for all of you to get through then another hour to run to the extraction point - there has to be sacrifice :(

Send your best 2 men with the president while the rest
of you hold the bunker as long as you can - no one
leaves the hole unattended
Vow that you will hold the bunker while the rest get
the president to the extraction zone. You know you will
die but at least you possibly saved your friends and
completed the mission .... as long as you hold them for
at least 10 minutes.
Give a heroic speech whilst handing the president a gun
and telling ""Come on you sons-of-bi*ches! Do you want
to live for ever?" and then there may be a chance you
will will but thats a very small chance.
Send half of your force with the president and then
taking the other half with you and running as far away
from the bunker and making as much noise as possible
so the enemy will hunt down your team possibly giving
the president time to escape ... only if the hunter team
doesnt catch on in time.