Are you a royal or a rebel?

Are you a royal like Apple White? Or a rebel like Raven Queen? Royal, nice and... a geek? Or popular and stylish and.... awesome?? Take the quiz to find out if your a royal or a rebel!!!

published on September 28, 201394 responses 24 4.5★ / 5

Do you have flair!


Are you a leader, a follower, a second-hand, or a smile-and-waver?

A leader
A follower
A second-hand

Are you "sassy"?


Studs or dangles


Which one of these objects do you have in your locker.

Lip gloss, tape, and mirrors and posters obvi!
Math books and spelling books and other stuff and
possibly a pair of glasses
I'm still in fifth grade/ elementary school!

What color do you like the most?

Teal, gold, silver

What is your hobby?

I hang out at the kingdom.
I hang out with clothes...! At the mall.
I like playing at the park or pool.
Where ever my boyfriend wants to go!!

What do you wear to school

A fancy dress
My school uniform

Mean Girls or Breakfast Club

Mean Girls
Breakfast Club
Wat are those

How much lip gloss

A lot
A little
None at all

If you saw a nerd blocking your locker you'd,

Ask her politely if I can go by.
Push her out of the way and say, "Watch it."
Duck franticly under and smile at the girl.
Ask her, "Who asked you to do THAT??!!" for her to
get the idea.

Cat or dog