whats your personality (2)

whats your personality (2)

Funny,Nice,Cool,Weird?Which one suites you?Check it out just by doing this quiz.

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You and your friend go to different schools but youguys keep it touch alot...both of you have a running race, it means alot to her/him and she/he really wants to win, but so do you...what will you do?

Try to beat the record just to make your friend mad
Just try your best and support your friend too!
Throw the race for your friend, which is also letting your team down

You are sitting in class and the teacher has her back turned and drops a pen she bends over to pick it up and you...

Just do nothing, sit there and maybe chat with a some friends close by
Dont do anything, how would it feel if that was you and somone did something silly
As she bends over make a fart noise and get the class laughing, afterall you are the class clown

One of your classmates is sick at home and is unable to come to school, the teacher asks you to take his/her homework to them,so you...

Take the homework to him/her right afterschool
carry on with your day, go home and deliever the homework thr day before it's due
Even if the teacher didnt ask you, you would be right on it when you have time

One of the people you most hate in your school broke her leg...when going to class someone bumps her and she falls...what would you do?

As much as i hate her, i still help her up and get her books for her
To just go with the crowd and walk right by
Theres 3minutes left to class and you still havent gotten to your locker and you cant b late, so you rush by like you didnt notice

Your boyfriend/girlfriend is trying out for football/cheerleading they are really sure they will make the team and are really excited after they call you and say they didnt make it..what will you say?

"Its ok, you werent THAT good anyways"
"Maybe I can get somone else to make that achievement and i can cheer them on"
"It's ok, I'm sure everything will be ok"