The Mr. Men Personality Quiz

The Mr. Men Personality Quiz

Welcome to the Mr. Men Personality Quiz. This quiz shows which Mr. Men character you are most like.

published on September 27, 201362 responses 0
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You're out for a walk when you see a cat you saw on a poster earlier. What do you do?

Tickle it
Avoid it, it could scratch you
Smile at it
Return it to its owner
Talk to it
Pet it, even though you have spaghetti sauce on both
Give it a bath
You don't even recognize it from the poster!
Cover it in cheese sauce to attract some mice
You don't see it, you dropped your glasses earlier

Further on your walk, you see Mr. Lazy in his hammock. He looks a little cold. You see a pile of items, but no blankets. What do you use instead?

A sheet of paper
A towel, it's the closest thing you can find
A towel with spaghetti sauce all over it
A clean towel
You get a towel, but you almost trip on something and
you drop it
A big roll of felt that looks like a smiley face
A bucket of water
You're too busy talking to notice
You don't get something, you tickle him!

Further on your walk, you see Little Miss Scary. She tells you that she needs help around her house. You accept. The first thing you do is...

Scare her
Tickle something
Feed her bats
Talk to her bats
Feed and talk to her bats
Get dirt everywhere
Clean up everything
Trip on something
Drop something

Miss Scary needs help with changing the light bulb over the stairs to the basement. What do you do?

Break the new bulb
Take a moment to think how many of you it will take
Fall down the stairs
Get dirt on the new bulb
Dust the new bulb
Tickle the old bulb
Talk to the old bulb
Replace the old bulb with another bulb that's burned
out, not knowing it's burned out
Break the old bulb
Smile at the old bulb

You finish helping Miss Scary and continue on your walk. You see Mr. Funny trying to tell Little Miss Giggles a joke. What do you do to help Miss Giggles laugh?

Slip on a banana peel
Tell her and Mr. Funny a joke
Pretend to knock on a door
Tell all the jokes you know
Tickle her!
Inflate a balloon and pop it in front of her
You start to tell them a joke, but you forget the
Start to tell them a joke, accidentally knocking Mr.
Funny's hat off
Throw a pie at Mr. Funny
Start dusting her

Further on your walk, you see Mr. Bounce about to bounce into Mr. Grumpy. What do you do?

Warn Mr. Grumpy
Talk to Mr. Grumpy, hoping to get his attention and
move out of the way
You're too distracted to notice!
Do nothing
Tickle Mr. Grumpy so he gets out of the way
Make a wall of trash around Mr. Grumpy
Drop something
You're just glad he's not bouncing into you!
Smile and wave at Mr. Grumpy
Start dusting Mr. Grumpy so that Mr. Bounce has
something clean to bounce into

Good thing that's taken care of. But now you see Little Miss Daredevil about to be shot out of a cannon. What do you do?

Talk to her
Try to take her helmet
That was Miss Daredevil? You thought it was a giant
egg or something.
Get dirt on her helmet
Clean her helmet
Tickle her
Borrow her spare helmet in case you crash into
Smile and walk by
You try to help her, but you break the cannon string
Fire the cannon

Now you see Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small. Mr. Nosy asks you what your favorite color is.

Light blue
Any other color