What Type Of Webkinz Are You???

What Type Of Webkinz Are You???

Are you a cheeky dog? A brown dog? Or even a pretty panda? Take this quiz to find out?

published on June 27, 201148 responses 12 3.7★ / 5

Do you get in trouble in class for being very funny??

Hehehe, yes but my teacher loves me!
Not really a joker..but i do laugh at the class clowns!
I am very polite! But i do know my teacher loves the jokers!

Do you burp at the dinner table?

Only a lot
Lol, i promise i try to cover it
I cover it. But if i don't, i say excuse me!

Are you popular at school??

Nope, but i have my wonderful friends!
Yes, but i am not mean!
Nope. But i am a clown!
Only a little....

You better be nice to your friends!

What the heck?? This is not even a question!!
=P I always am!!!
I have no idea what you are talking about

Your friend said you are pretty. What do you say?

Awwww, thanks, your the best!!
Of course!! Just kidding, you are to!!
....I am so glad you are my friend!
You are pretter!