Sorting Hat

Hahaha. Which house do you belong to? Gryffindor? Perhaps Ravenclaw? Loyal Hufflepuff? Or maybe cunning Slytherin?

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You come across a pouch of galleons on the street in Diagon Alley. What do you do?

Spend it. After all whoever lost probably doesn't even notice its missing.
Try and look for any clues of who it may belong to on the pouch. If I find any I'll return it, and if I don't then I'll go to Flourish and Blotts.
Go searching all across Diagon Alley trying to find the person. If I'm unable to find them, I'll give the pouch to some Aurors and let them look.
I'd search all day for the person who lost their pouch. Even if it means not hanging out with some friends.

What do you do in your spare time?

Read, or preferably study for an exam coming up. I don't want to fail.
I play sports like baseball and basketball.
I spend time with my family and friends.
I do things I know will get me far ahead in life.

What element to you relate to the most?


It has to be asked. Favorite color?

Yellows and browns, down to earth colors.
Red, orange, any passionate colors.
Blues and greys, calm colors.
Greens and blacks, dark colors.

Last question. You see someone getting bullied, how do you help?

I tell them to stop and when they don't I go get some help.
Help? This is too fun to watch to stop them right now. Maybe in a few minutes
I go straight to an adult or authority figure.
I go right up to the bully and pull him away from the person he's hurting. If he swings at me then I'll swing back.