Witch pretty little liars character are you?

Find out witch character personality you are,from pretty little liars by taking this quiz.

published on June 25, 201148 responses 1
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How often do you lie?

you lie all the time.
you dont lie often
you lie to cover up.
you dont lie only to cover a story you dont feel comftible saying
you lie often

In your friendship group you discribe your self as the...

smart one
determend one
sporty one
girly one
daring one

you have a secret you know about someone but your to scared to say it. what do you do?

write a note... after a while
tell them by text or email
tell them when your ready
dont tell them,they dont need to know, tell them when they need the information
tell them now,who cares what they think.

What color is your hair?

red, brown
was brown but died blonde
natral blonde

are you good at keeping secrets

No ,tell me and there out
yes,i never tell a soul
i always forget them
for a little while
i only tell people for a good reason