r u scene emo or goth or poser or none of the above

r u scene emo or goth or poser or none of the above

i just luuuuv quiz'z so i made 1 myself hope u enjoy :3 i also am relly bored....im not stupid

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whats ur favourate colour

whats ur favourate colour
black and maybe some plain colours with it

wat music do u like

heavy metal ,loud and songs about the bad things that happend in life
electro ,heavy metal ,dubstep ,night core and stuff
sadmusic ,piano ,fairy tale ish music and soft but old style music

what r u like

shy ,dark , not afraid of dying
outgoing ,loud ,crazy fun
none of the above
dark and victorian...ish

who do u wanna kill the most

my siblings and jb ,katy perry and ppl like that
ma siblings ,posers ,hatrs and such
ppl who hate me and r scary or shy ect ect
y should i tell u *me -_- did u kill some 1* WHATS WRONG WITH U

what makeup do u like

black eyeliner and maybe black lipstick an luv drawing x's and hearts or stuff on ur face (like moi)
black eyeliner withbright colours and bright or black lipstick
black with dull colours and dark lipstick