Ya Scene Emo Girly or Preppy?

Ya Scene Emo Girly or Preppy?

The title says it all BooBoos! <3333333333333333 <33333333333333333 enjoy!!!!!!

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Where can I find you on a Saturday night?

In a dark corner of my room.
With my friends finding crazy extensions and raccoon tails
AT the mall, duh!
Practicing y cheerleading moves or out with my BF

Color Favorato?

Pink Purple Yellow etc.
Black and Red
NEON or other.

How you like your hair?

Blonde/Brown and long
Puffy on top with colorful extensions/highlights
Short, Medium any norm color.

You like to......

Write poems
Cheerlead or Mall
Find crazy Neon stuffz

You wear.......

Dark things and leather
Miniskirts, and skinnies
Crazy things, ripped neon leggings
Girly stuffys