How good of a best friend are you?

How good of a best friend are you?

Are you rude and don't know anything about your best friend or are you a best friend that comes to every party or play date? Do you listen to what they say and do? If you aren't sure to any of the questions above this is the quiz for you!

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Is she who you want to be friends with or did you're mom force you to become friends?

mamamia mom
my mom's friend's daughter is my friend. Wasn't bffs at first but, now besties for life!!!
We met and kindergarten in the same class. Can't be separated for life! Thank you god!!

What's her fave color?

Since I'm totally not sure, I'm going with pink or purple because honestly she's a girl and I am like totally bored right now. MOM WHY....
Firery red like the color of flames. Great color girl!

What does your bff's bedroom look like?

A bed, a dresser, a closet, a yeah you know all that stuff of course!
Wait... I'm supposed to know what her BEDROOM looks like? Jeeze... Theses questions are hard!
A fluffy twin bed, [with lime green sheets now] a dresser that she painted on when she was 5, and a lime green walk in closet.

How old is your friend?

I know! 6 or 7? Wait.... 9? Yeah i got Nothing....
11 and 27 days and 3 months.
around my age, 10 or 11?

When's your bff's b-day?

In February or March. Somewhere in between. Wait I think I know now! December
Exactly April, 2:26 am on a Friday in Saint Mary's