Do you still like your ex?

Do you still like your ex?

I know that you know, you know you want them back!!! Take this quiz. YOLO

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How do you feel about the breakup?

We are better as friends, anyways
We just weren't meant to be
I hate everything about him now
I wish we were still together

When you forward a funny e-mail, you wonder, should I send it to him?

Nope just for my FRIENDS!!!
Whatever! Please!
The first one I send it to

You still have a picture of him on you dresser, phone, computer or locker.

Nope not any more
I'm gonna take them down today*scoffs* keeping one
I'm his #1 stalker

Do you keep up with your ex on Facebook/Twitter etc?

Yep! We still act like friends!
No, I deleted him/her. Out of sight, out of mind.
I check his/her wall/tweets every day.
I leave mean posts/tweets about him/her on his/her wall, and on my wall

You see your ex with another girl/guy, how do you feel?

It doesn't even bother you. You shrug it off.
If he/she is happy, I'm happy and supportive.
Cry for hours at night, wishing you were the one with him/her instead
They would make a good couple. They're both stupid and you curse their names.

If you had the chance to tell your ex one thing, what would it be?

I never want to speak to you again EVER!!!!
We had a good time while it lasted, but I think we should both move on.
I want to be friends, like the old days. You still mean a lot to me.
I still love you. I always will. Please give me one more chance.

Who broke up with who?

She did
I did
He did

When you see a picture of you two together, what do you do?

Remember the past times and desperately wish things could be the same.
Tear into tiny pieces
Frame it. Those were some good memories!
Glance at it for a second, but put it away. It's over and done with.

You found out he likes another girl,and your jealous.

Ugh! Totally!
Please like I could ever care!
A little

When you are with your friends, what do you say about your ex?

You don't really bring his/her name up. It's just not important.
Trash your ex's name!
He/She is still a good friend of yours, even after the breakup.
Moan about how you miss him/her.

When you see your ex, what do you do?

Shoot him a dirty look as you pass
Go talk to him
Walk away. You still can't bear to see him
Smile and pass on by.
Talk to him, flirt a little