Are you funny or are your friends just prentending that u r?

Here u can find out if u r really funny or just boring! Good luck with your answers.

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As soon as the bell rings for lunch do your friends rush up to u straight away?

Yeah, I am like their #1 best friend!
No, they like to hide from me to see how I react.
No, they go off to some other popular girl.
Yeah, they are always busy but whenever they see me they run.

Do your friends like your gossip?

Yeah, they laugh at everything I say.
No, I think they like me but they get a bit bored after a while.

Do you always have someone to hang out with?

Most of the time I do.
Not alot, I just wander around.
No, I like to spend a little alone time.

What do you do at break times?

Spill out all the latest gossip.
Play some truth or dare without any joking around, only serious stuff allowed!

When you are doing group activities does your group get anything done?

Yeah we get straight to it right until the end. We finish before the due time.
Yeah, we use up all the time we have. These stuff are serious.
No, we still need alot of time to finish.

On crazy clothes day what do you wear.

Anything I can find. Even if it is my dads/brothers.
I find something casual to wear- jeans, tshirt and jacket/jumper.

Are u very cheeky?

You take a sneek look at your report cards when the teacher is not looking.
You stay close inside the safe boundries and always do everything right.

You love to sneak out of the classroom to chat.

No, I don't like to take risks.
No I am too clumsy, I know I will be caught or told on.
Yeah, anything to get away from the smely classroom.