House Assignment Test

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Croatoan Academy of Magic! You're about to take your first step into a brave new world of wonder and power. The following examination will serve as your initiation by sorting you into one of our five prestigious houses: Luponox, Winterpaw, Entomere, Portermane, and Talongarde. Each question will serve to evaluate your character and assign you to the house that would best suit your unique contribution. Relax and answer honestly (the test will know if you should fib to save face or attempt to puff yourself up. So just don't try it) Good luck!

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House Assignment Test

It's Christmas Holiday. What do you have planned?

I'm going home to my family to brag about
what I've
I'm staying at the school with my
housemates that
don't have plans. I'll help them make our
own great
I'm going home spend a happy, quiet
Christmas with my
loved ones.
I'm staying at the school and studying
some new spells
that will give me an edge for next term.
Don't want to
lose the edge.
I'm staying to put on a fantastic holiday
revue with
games and entertainment for everyone.

You come across bag of sickles in the hall. No one seems to be looking for it. What do you do?

Finders keepers.
Check it for possible hexes. It could be a
Take it to my House Chairman. They'll
figure out what
to do with it.
Take it to the common room. I'm sure the
and I can put it to good use.
Charm the sickles to dance down the hall
calling out
"Someone lose something?"

You're walking through Diagon Alley and have an appointment to keep. You find a young student being accosted by a group of bullies. What do you do?

I keep going. The student should be strong
enough to
handle themselves. I cannot be late for my
I make a scene and flag any nearby adults
to help the
student and continue onto my appointment.
It's not a
fair fight, but it's not mine.
I quickly help the student escape with a
charm to distract the bullies.
I join the student and help him defend
himself. My
appointment can wait for he sake of
another's safety
After laying a trap, I draw the attention of
the bullies
and get them to chase me. I run towards
catching them in the trap, allowing the
student to
escape and getting to my appointment

You're in class and the Professor has asked you to perform a spell with which you're unfamiliar. What do you do?

Perform it perfectly, nothing's unfamiliar to
Tell the Professor you don't know it well,
but try
anyway. Come what may. Practice makes
Ask the student next to me for some tips.
They may
know something I don't to help me get
Tell the Professor you don't know the spell
but offer a
similar spell that you do know. It will get the
job done.
Tell the Professor you don't know the spell
and ask
them to help demonstrate. It's an honest

A troll is loose on the grounds! What do you do?

Gather your housemates and cast a large
Charm around it.
Ridikulus! Let's give the troll some roller
Incendio! Singe it's trousers. Sit back and
watch the
Get your housemates out of the way.
Protection spells
and call for help while keeping the troll
Hit it with everything I have!
Cast a Bait Charm and lead the troll away
from the other

For good measure, the H.A.T. does take personal choice into account. Be honest with yourself and you shall prevail. If given the choice, which House do you believe would best suit you?

Winterpaw: I'm always ready to protect the
ones for
whom I care.
Talongarde: There's no challenge I won't
meet to be
the best.
Portermane: I always put my heart into it
and try to
have a little fun along the way.
Entomere: No man is an island. I work well
with others
and can bring a lot to the table.
Luponox: I try to always have a plan.
Prepared for
anything means nothing is left to chance.

You're at Ollivander's and he asks what kind of wand you think would be better for you. What's your answer?

Spruce: Something to give my spells a nice
dramatic flair
Cedar: Something with a strong focus and
Willow: Something modest but reliable with
healing and
Ebony: Something powerful and will be
steadfast when
the pressure is on.
Maple: Something versatile and resourceful
to take on
any challenge.

You catch a younger student practicing some dangerous magic. What do you do?

Stop them! They could hurt themselves.
Ask them why
they were doing such a thing and try to
work it out
with them.
Bust them! Get them to do your
assignments or you'll
turn them in. At least get something out of
Encourage them! Give them some pointers
on practicing
in stealth so they aren't as easy to catch
next time.
Join them! You could help each other learn
from your
Freeze them! A little Immobulus spell and a
heart will do them good.

Someone has placed a difficult Locking Jinx on your dormitory door as prank. What do you do?

No locking jinx can stop me. My breaker
spells are
My flatmates and I collaborate on possible
solutions and
tackle the obstacle together.
Bombarda! No door, no Locking Jinx.
Nothing's keeping
my flatmates and I from class.
Rig a Stench Jinx to the door. Charm some
with a message applauding the prankster
and asking
them to open the door, take cover. Poof.
prankster will think twice about trying that
Find a good unlocking remedy, find the
prankster and
hit them with a Boils Hex. No one messes
with us.

You're done for the day and decide to grab a snack in the Auditorium. You see many other students carrying on with their various activities and decide to join. With whom do you break the ice?

The quiet student reading alone. I'd like to
know what
he's reading and he seems like he can use a
The group diligently working to build a
contraption that
launches pumpkin pasties across the room.
The ones in the corner laughing at the
previous group.
They seem to be having a good time.
The small group charming origami birds to
fly in
formation and critiquing each other's form
to get
No one. I just want to have some pudding,
go back to
the common room and prepare for
tomorrow's classes.
Anyone wants to join, they're welcome.