are you perfect for your crush?

are you perfect for your crush?

see if you and your crush could be together forever.i hope you love it !

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do you and your crush talk at all if so how much?

we talk sometimes but we do stuff when were at home we talk like 5 times a day.
we talk allll the time it is so nice to see what he/she has to say we talk like 24 hours.( not really )
he is ssssooo anoying talking about his new phone and other things so boring... we talk like 2 a day i get bored but hes so cute....

how much does he/she like other girls/boys...

i love them he/she only wants one though
i dont like them only him/ her
l sometimes see a cutie and flirt but not most of the time

how much do you love him/her?

a ton hes/shes so sweet
i love him/her alot but we have our issues
hes soo cut e but sooo boring

do you like the same sports as your crush?

no i dont even like sports but he/she loves em'
yes we both love____we talk about it all the time!
we both like a few but he/she likes some that just bore me.

does he/she ever flirt with you?

all the time