What is your color?

What is your color?

Find the color that best describes you. Take this quiz and find out your color!

published on June 23, 2011162 responses 32 4.5★ / 5

Do you like the outdoors? (Trees, Earth)

Kind of
Not always

Do you like sunny days?

Hell no!!!
It's my favorite!!! :)
Only if I can share it with some one speacial

Do you like going to the beach just for the sound of the waves?

Mainly for the sunshine
Only if it helps the Earth
I <3 it
No, I prefer it to be a party
It'd be best as a date

Is your favorite type of style rock, punk, goth, emo, etc...

It ruins the Earth
No way!!!
It brings me much joy... I mean pain......*awkward silence*
I hate that type of thing
It gives me head aches

Are you looking for a special someone?

Can I hurt them?
Do they like recycling?
I've been looking for someone forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sort of...
Only if it makes me happy