what harry potter quidditch team are you on? PART 1

what harry potter quidditch team are you on? PART 1

this is my quiz about what quidditch team your on.In part 2 and 3 they will be about what broom you ride and what postitiion you play. please rate and comment.

published on September 20, 201330 responses 4

how were you when you first tried out for quidditch?

really nervous i havent had too much flying since
confident. fly runs in my blood it does
fine im only an expert!! :D

what is your other favorite activitie other than quidditch?

more than quidditch? no such thing
muggle soccer
nothing more than quidditch!

favorite quidditch ball

the quaffel of course i always like score
the golden snitch if only i could see it!!
i guess a bludger, only when i whack it away though.
as keeper i personnaly don't like any of the balls

on a rate 1-10 stars how good are you at flying

about an 8
1 billion
10! totally

what is your favorite postition?


what is your dream broom

comet 260
shooting star
nimbus 2000
cleansweep 260
nimbus 2001 oh