What animal am I? (1)

What animal am I? (1)

The word is in the title... If you were an animal, what animal would you be? And by the way, no matter which animal you get, it is not meant to offend you, every animal has both good and bad qualities. Have fun :)

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How well-balanced are you (be honest)?

Extremely well balanced
Okay well-balanced.
Not very well-balanced, i get confused easily
Not at all well-balanced i loose my temper very easily

Your friends and you had a fight, and you are absolutely sure that you are right. What do you do?

Run back to my friends, apologizes and talk with him/her
about it
Wait for him/her to come to me, but eventually talks to
my friend
Wait for him/her to come to me
Just stop seeing and hanging out with my (ex) friend

Your grades in school / Intelligence in general?

Only or almost only A's / very inntelligent
Mostly B's and C's / Quite intelligent
C's and D's / about average
Only / almost only F's / not very intelligent

You see a little girl (whom you don't know) trip, lands on the ground and start crying. What do you do?

Hurry over and pick the little girl up, follow her home /
to school (or where she's going)
Wait a little, but then go help her
Wait untill I see someone else hel her
Do nothing or laugh at her

How do you feel / how comfortable are you about being the leader of a group of people?

I feel great about it, i love it!
I feel ok about it, but im not so good at it
Not good, i like staying in the background
Awful, i hate it!! It is my worst fear

The person you hate the most, is doing a presentation for your class / at work. You think, of course, that it is absolutely horrible. What do you do?

Ceep calm, and don't say anything at all.
Get annoyed and sometimes make a displeesed sound
Roll eyes and say quietly to yourself; "keep calm, keep
calm, keep calm"
Loose my temper and start screaming at him/her

Your friends went to the bathroom, and suddenly you hear someone talk bad about him/her. What do you do?

Go straight to them and tells them, to shut their mouth
if they can't say something nice
Tells them: "please stop doing that, it's very rude"
Do nothing but tell it to my friend when / she comes
Go to them and talk bad about my friend with them

How many friends do you have ( IRL NOT on facebook, guys :D ) / how is you social life?

About 15 - 20 good friends (+ acquaintances) /
extremely good
9 - 14 good friends (+ acquaintances) / really good
5 - 8 close friends (+ acquaintances) / pretty great
1 - 4 best friends (+ acquaintances) / fine
0 (+ acquaintances) / i like to be alone

And finally: How aggresive are you? (It's important that you are honest about this)

Very aggressive, i loose my temper easy and quick
Aggressive, i loose my temper quickly
Not so aggressive, I'm okay at controlling it
Not aggressive at all, i almost never loose my temper