Are you addicted to technology?

Are you addicted to technology?

Answer these questions to find out if you have a problem managing your use of the technology...

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How many online social network, communication and media memberships do you have? (Facebook, QQ, Twitter, Wechat, Skype, Bebo, Sina Weibo, Friendster, Renren, Instagram, Viber, Line up, Cyworld, etc.)

8 or more

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Check your mobile phone in case someone texted you overnight.
Have a shower or eat breakfast.
Update my facebook status, check into a social network or check my email.

For how many hours a day are you online?

6 or more

Have you ever been in trouble at school for using a gadget in class?

I am always being told off by the teacher for this!
A few times.

How often do you speak to people face-to-face?

Most of my communication is with people in real life (face-to face).
I text, call or chat online with friends a bit more than I speak to people in real life.
I really only communicate via the internet or mobile phone. I only speak to people if I absolutely have to.

If you had to live for three days without an internet connection, how would you cope?

It would be totally impossible! I would be very upset or angry.
Three days is a long time - it would be hard. I would survive but I would be a bit unhappy.
It might be nice to have a break from the online world for a few days.

What would you prefer doing:

Being online, checking messages, watching videos, chatting online, etc.
Talking to a friend on my mobile while watching tv.
Going for a nice walk with a good friend.

How does being online make you feel? What do you think about the online world?

I love being online - it's my favourite place in the world!
It's okay and can be interesting sometimes, but I usually rather do things in the real world.
It makes me feel connected to people and it's entertaining.

Do you shop online?

Not all that much - I have bought things online because they're cheap, but I usually like to see things in real life before I buy them.
Always. I hate going to the shops.
Often. It's fun shopping online, and you can get some real bargains.

Have you ever missed a deadline for school work because you were on your computer (or other gadget)?

No - my school work comes first. When I finish my homework, I allow myself to go online or call a friend.
Yes, all the time. I have even failed some tasks and tests because of my internet use.
Sometimes I've not been able to hand in work because I have spent too much time online.