Are you good at a sport?

Do you know if you are good at a sport or not? You can't tell sometimes so fill out this quiz and you will find out in no time!

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Do you make the actual scoring points?

sometimes, not often though
no, if i do it's pure luck
yes, i make up more than half the teams points!

do you have an important part?

Is being on the bench all the time important?
Without me, things wouldn't be so good, but not that bad.

Does everyone want to warm-up with you?

i get stuck with someone who isn't fast enough to get a partner
They all want to! So i let them take turns each time.
some people want to warm-up with me. I almost always get asked.
I don't have to warm-up for my sport.

Does it happen to you when after games when they go out to dinner they insist you go?

All the time!
no, in most cases i don't even know about them...
they mention it to me and say i should come, if that's what you mean

Do kids congraduate YOU on the win?

they say good job
no, they don't really no im on the team
yes, kind of annoying sometimes

If you quite the team, would your teamates be mad?

They would be kind of mad
they wouldn't really care
they would cheer....
they would hate me forever!

Do you plan on doing it again and again?

no! It was horrible!
yeah, sure
i think i don't have a choice

Do you have fun?

yeah, it's a blast!
i'm more into being good then having fun
sometimes..when i do good it feels awesome