Should you date him? (1)

Should you date him? (1)

For all the girls who aren't sure whether to cross the line from best friends and become an item.

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How close are you at the moment?

I talk to him sometimes.
No, but I watch him all the time. He's gorgeous
Yes :3 We're great friends and he's clearly interested but
I don't know...
Yeah we're friends but I don't know
We are always together, we have late night
conversations and we tell each other everything.
Kind of, we're mutual friends

What does he do when he sees you at break?

I stay behind the bushes.
He smiles and sometimes comes over, we're all friends.
He gives a small smile
He doesn't see me.
He nods and keeps talking to other people.
We're together already... So we're talking or just having
fun. He is always hugging me and smiling.

Do you have the same friends?

Yeah, we have the same group of friends
Yes, we are always spending time together with and
without our friends.
No but I could become friends with his
I don't talk to people
Some are the same
No, but we get along I guess

Do your friends think it is going to happen?

Aha what does that matter.
Yeah, they always tease me about it
No, just no
Not really, some people notice though
Yes... they are forever telling us to get together already
No, but I wish they did

Last but not least, do you like him?

Duh, why else would I follow him and peep through his
So much
Kind of, mixed feelings
I have mixed feelings, like sometimes he frustrates me
but then sometimes I just want to kiss him, you feel me?
(Me: Oh so well)
No, but he's hot