What you should do when you're bored.

What you should do when you're bored.

Are you bored? Well, fill out this quiz best describing you and I'll tell you the perfect activity to make you unbored!

published on June 21, 201165 responses 10 3.3★ / 5

What would you be caught doing once in a while in your free time?

outside, running around
inside, writting or drawing
playing video games or watching tv
shopping with a close friend or making weird foods

Look below for your answer for the first question and see some examples of what you could do!

a; then you should see how many times you can balance a ball on the back of your hand (any ball will work) or try to make how many times you jump sync into the same times your heart is beating so they go the same speed.
b; then you should write a story about one person who has sneezing problems, one person who is obsessed with cheese, but can't say the word right, and one person whocan't stop jumping. Then make a book out of it! print it or if you didn't type it then just staple it together and draw a cover! Then share with your friends!
c; go to youtube.com and look up funny videos or google board games online for free! or make quizes or a website!
d; then make two paper airplanes and decorate them super cool then let them race eachother or see how many table spoons of lemon juice you can drink in 1 minute or make a desert out of chocolate, sweethearts, honey, and vanillia wafers and let your family try it!

Try those and then pick if it was helpful!

Very helpful!
was kind of helpful
entertained me for about 5 minutes
they were all stupid and i didn't even try them

Which was your favorite?


Would you do them again!?

If i got really really bored again
mabye, probably not
no, it was horrible!

Would you show your friend this?

Yes, they will love this!
Yeah, it would be fun with a friend
maybe, we already have a lot of fun together
Why would i want to torture my friend!