What colour best describes you? (1)

What colour best describes you? (1)

this is a quiz to find out which colour best describes you as a person:)

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What do you enjoy doing in youre free time?

Relaxing at home and generally chilling out and taking a break
Sports you'll find me at the gym throwing a few punches at the bag or doing some intense training
Out partying with my friends and haviung a good time
Socialising and shopping of course
What ever i feel like doing it depends on the day

Whats youre favorite food?

Something hot and spicy
Something exciting and new. I enjoy food from lots of different cultures
Anything going
Nothing too hot and spicy something simple and mild will do just fine
I like most foods i have no personal favorite

My dream pet would be..

A dragon or something fierce to ward off danger
A unicorn
A flying monkey
A dolphin
I dont really like pets

Favorite subject at school is..

Art it gives me time to get away from the stress
Pe i can let out my feelings and anger and its fun
English its laid back and not too hard
School is boring lets go party!
Drama, im quite a dramatic kind of person

My celeb crush is

Mila Kunis
Brad Pitt
Pixie Lott
Austin Mahone
Jessica Alba

My favorite site is..

Online library
Training websites

My dream date would be..

Going to the movies and then out for dinner the classic high school romance
Going to the park and just having a laugh
Going to watch a sports game with nachos
Going out clubbing together
A chilled out meal at my place followed by a nice film