Which Season are you? (1)

Which Season are you? (1)

Are you a Summer, Spring, Winter Or Fall? A Warm, Breezy, Comfortable, or Chill Person? Take this Quiz to find your Inner Season!

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What is your favorite Animal?

A friendly cat!
A silly monkey!
Maybe a shaggy dog!
A wise owl.
A Sneaky snake possibly?

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Going out to a fancy restaurant that plays classical music.
A Picnic in the evening!
A date by the water. Maybe in the morning!
Maybe a date in a restaurant like friendlys!
Probably a night on the town. Like a groovy place!

What is your favorite type of Candy?

Im Totally a Gummy bear. Silly and Fun!
Im a jolly rancher. Serious and compassionate.
A star burst. a funny burst of energy.
Maybe maple candy. sweet and laid back.
Dots candy. Funny and kind.

What is your favorite, most extravagant, and Bold Color?

Maybe a Purple and Blue. Light Colors.
A Bright Orange and Red.
Pink and Yellow!
Green and Dark Blue.
RAINBOW! Like my unicorn.

What would your favorite fruit be?

An apple totally!
Well maybe a fresh strawberry:)
A Raspberry.
A frozen banana.