Which Doctor Who character are you? (2)

Which Doctor Who character are you? (2)

Thinking of time traveling? Prepare yourself with this vital quiz of vitalness.

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Doctor who?

If you like.
There's no point asking.
Seriously, how sketchy is it to not tell people your name?
Don't bother.
You'll know one day.
How should I know?

Someone accidentally drops your best friend out of an airlock. What do you do?

Run towards the airlock dramatically in slow motion.
Start coding things.
Punch them in the face.
Huh...they sure do have faulty airlocks around here.
Seriously? Seriously??
Pull out gun epic-ly.
Look for big friendly buttons.

Pick a superpower!

The ability to change size at will
Telepathy with ducks
Slo-mo falling
The ability to control the physics of ice cream
Don't need any. Being me is a superpower enough.

Favorite stationary supply?

If you have a computer, you don't really need anything else.
I have a particular fondness for erasers.
Got glue gun, will travel.
Pencils, I guess....
Super-multi-purpose-laser-pointer-pen-thingy. Duh.

Favorite vacation spot?

Planets are great. Love a planet.
Literally anywhere but Earth at this point.
The universe.
Rio! Please!
Maybe not a gigantic catastrophe this time?

Favorite book?

I doubt you've heard of it.
Anything that ends up in my jacket.
History of the Roman Empire
Travel guides.
Something I haven't read yet, please.
Twilight was WAY under-rated.

You are taking an important exam when the answer sheet is accidentally dropped on your desk. You notice that it is the detonator for a bomb placed in your teacher's hat. You don't know the blast radius of the bomb. What do you do?

Stupid hat. Take the risk.
What? What? WHAT?
Disable it with sonic laser piston device...what else?
...tell the teacher? ...evacuate the class?
"Doctor, sonic something!"
This question did not end up where I expected.
This should be fun.

A dalek shows up.

Hack it.
Oh dear, this problem might actually require more than a screwdriver and three shrimp.
Smile and shoot.
You've got to be kidding me.
Slap it.
"Sooo...anyone want to tell me what's going on?"

Would you date the doctor?

Been there. Done that.
Could be.

What is your relationship with the TARDIS?

I don't think it likes me...
That's between her and me, eh?
It's ridiculously defective.
I'd love to meet her someday...
We're very close.
Still haven't found the swimming pool.