what my little pony are you (1)

what my little pony are you (1)

find out what pony you are! are you rarety, apple jack, ranbow dash, twilight, pinkie pie, fluttershy

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what would ou want to do in your free time

bro, i would practice my sport
i would love to hang with friends and have fun
make some artistic work
hang with my pets
get some chores done so dont have to do them later
probably read a good book

what is you favorite color

earth tones
oohhh i just love sparkly stuff don't care what color but has to be pretty

what would i want for a pet

an owl
a cat
a bunny!!!
an eagle
ummm i dont know i just want an animal that can have fun

what are you good at

doing tricks
caring for animals
having fun!!! xD
making some clothes
doing my chores

favorite place to go

uhhh go see the wonderbolts
go to the library
to a rodeo
omg ummmm i like to go a lot of places but probally a place where they have yummy food
i would love to go to the zoo

favorite thing to eat

umm junk food
umm healthy food like vegetables i am a vegatarian
i like a lot of different kinds of food
something classy and devine and not messy
freshly grown food!