what harry potter character are you (1)

what harry potter character are you (1)

take this quiz to find out what harry potter character you are mostly like!!!

published on September 08, 201324 responses 8
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what house would you want to be in

dont care that much but all i would not want to be in slytherine for the life of me
i dont care i just want to learn

whats your favorite thing to do in your free time?

oh i love to study if i dont have anything to study i will
read a book i would hate to do bad in school.
would love to go out and play some quidditch!
hmm maby rest a little rest have some fun
make fin of people and hang with friends

i the wizerd world where would you like to go to

quiditch world cup i dont paly it would be fun to watch
would love to go to world cup i would like to compare my moves to theres
dont care somewhere classy
hmm i would just like to be with my friends

whats you favorite subject

oh i like all of them so hard to pick one
umm i dont have a favorite but love hanging with friends

what would you have as a pet

an owl defiantly
i would want a cat
a mouse
i dont care about pets