Are you depressed, really happy, sad, or not emotional

Are you depressed, really happy, sad, or not emotional

I have friends who are all one of the following. It gets hard to handle sometimes but read the warning signs before you go somewhere you don't want to go

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Do you do drugs

Yes. it makes me feel better about myself
No I might though
Nope and I don't want to

You are normally


Have you just had a very sad experience

yes sadly
I wish. It might make me feel better than I do now

What music do you listen to

One direction (me: yeah me too! It makes me feel so good and they are all so cute!)!!!!
Heave metal

Your favorite color is


Have you ever tried to hurt yourself

Yes and pretty recently
No but the way things are going I might
No but I have friends that do
No why would i

What do you think of school

its ok
nap time
I skip it

If someone asked you to homecoming you would say

I just got out or a relationship so no
I rather stay home
I'm already going with someone. sorry
sorry but no
Its not nice to joke about that. everyone knows that no one will ever ask me

You feel

like crying
like there is no point
like jumping up and down or maybe screaming because I am so excited

do you smoke

all the time
-sob- no
absolutely not. I don't want to change anything about me or hurt myself

you like to wear

jeans or sweats
a skirt or dress or maybe some cute pants

did you like it

yes. make another one
I guess