Bet I can guess your age!

I bet I can guess your name by only taking one test! Think you can hide it? Well take this to find out! Say if I'm Correct and your age!

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Do your parents ever need to buy Diapers

Well they might need to now!
NO! maybe!
For my younger sibling.
Nope. Have not had to since I was 3.
Eww no!
I know How to use the Restroom by now
oh uh no diapers.

What do think of Fashion when it comes to school?

I Wear nice clothes
I honestly don't care about how I look
Well I wear the hip trendy classic Clothes everyday
(girls answer) I LOVE CLOTHES!! (boys answer) I HATE CLOTHES! oh she's pretty
I don't go to school
Oh little girls look pretty in clothes

Do you play sports?

I play a sport but it's for beginners
Ew sweat would run down my face!
I watch sports on televison
ehh what are sports

Do you have an IPhone?

A fake one
Getting my first phone soon
I wish
No a Samsung
I have a home phone but no cell phone

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

My teddy bear is my boyfriend
I have a boyfriend and my girlfriends
Nope not into that stuff
I wish
I'm married!
Eh? No Butt face!

I f you were to have kids Would you want twins?

No No
I'd want girl twins. Girls are better than boys.
I'd want a boy and a girl.
No twins
I want 2 boys
I already have kids!
I'm too old to have kids

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