What Digimon Season Are You?

What Digimon Season Are You?

In celebration of the upcoming Xros Wars/Fusion Nickelodeon dub, we at Digital Opinion Box decided to come up with a personality quiz. Choose your answers, and see which of our 5 Digimon groups (excluding Fusion) you should join.

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What's your strongest quality?

I'm independent.
I'm creative.
I'm charismatic.
I'm determined.

Pick a combat style.


Which of these crests is most important to you?


Who's in charge?

A guy who wears a ferret on his neck.
A mysterious voice...I have no idea why I'm taking
orders from it, but it just seems it was what I'm
supposed to do.
An old guy who went through plastic surgery to look
younger-ahem, I mean he's a time traveller.
A mysterious guy who has a smoking problem.

How would you fight against enemy digimon?

Cheer my digimon on while they fight the bad guys!
Me and my partner would beat the crap out of them.
I'll fight them on my own, thank you very much.
I'd stand by my digimon's side, like how a trainer does
with his boxer.

What's the quickest way to the Digital World?

Take the subway.
Transporting through the computer.
Through a portal hidden in plain sight.
Just use the state-of-the-art transporter at the secret
headquarters, duh.

What's your biggest flaw?

I'm too insecure in my friendships and relationships.
I hate listening to authority. Scratch that, I hate
listening to anybody.
I've been prone to hiding my feelings from others.
People have told me that I can be arrogant and bossy.

What's most important to you?

To be the best at what I like.
To be a good role model for others.
To make the world a better place, one step at a time.
To defend and stand up for the weak.

How high on the popularity scale are you?

I'm average. I get along with a decent amount of
Pretty low. A lot of people think I'm too weird.
Popularity is the last thing on my mind. As long as I have
friends, I'm happy.
I guess I could say I'm high up there. I'm a people
person and I love to make new friends.

Can a bad guy ever turn good?

They'd have to prove themselves to me before I can
trust them.
Maybe after I turn it into a digi-egg first.
I don't know, I'd have to keep my guard up.
Of course. Everyone deserves a second chance.

What's your definition of a digimon?

My equal fighting partner.
My best friend.
Pieces of data bundled together into one being.
My stuffed toy incognito.

How many friends do you have?

I'm too busy living life to the fullest to focus on the
number of friends I have.
A lot. I'm really good at making friends.
I consider them more as acquaintances than actual
I have a decent amount of friends, but I would only call
a couple of them to be my closest friends.

Which digivice feature sounds the coolest to you?

A compartment to put my digimon in, so I can take my
digimon with me wherever I go.
A compass.
A data scanner.
A card swiper.

Which element best describes you?

Steel: I'm tough and a hard worker.
Light: I'm optimistic and I like to make others happy.
Fire: I'm explosive, passionate, and hard to stop.
Ice: I can be pretty cold towards people, and I don't
like to show my feelings.

Pick your ally.

A cheerful digimon that's more powerful than it seems.
A couple of chumleys, just for the entertainment.
A stong, fierce, intimidating digimon.
A mob full of digimon: big or small, weak or strong, fire
or ice.

Pick the contradiction that best describes you.

Indifferent but caring.
Impulsive but strategic.
Compassionate but selfish.
Fun but serious.

What is the best way to reach your highest potential?

Listening to your instincts.
Using your best personality trait to your advantage.
Taking the time to discover aspects of yourself that you
didn't know you had.