Which band are you?

Are you Aerosmith? Or are you more Beastie Boys? Take this quiz to find out which current or oldie band you are!

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You are at the movies, and you run into your ex on a date. You:

Throw popcorn at them and their date until they turn around and yell at you.
Cry in the bathroom with your best friend. You can't believe they're dating again!
You go have a pleasant conversation, and then tell your friend secretly how pissed you are.
Do nothing. No big deal, they can date if they want to.
Go to the bathroom and make yourself look totally hot. They'll be sorry they ever let you go.

How did you have your locker decorated at school?

Leopard, and leather of course.
Rainbow, and lots of peace signs. All you need is love man.
Pink, sparkles and glitter!
It changed every week, just like me.
Wait, you could decorate those things??

What do you like on your pizza?

Mmmmm. Pizza.... Wait what were you talking about?
Anchovies and pineapple and ham and ......... etc, etc...
I like to change it up every time.
Meat. Lots of meat.

What is your dream date?

Hot. So so hot.
Someone sweet and nice and funny and cute and always listens to me and gets me presents, etc, etc
Someone free-spirited and cool with change. Someone who can help me change the world.
Someone revolutionary. Someone spontaneous, but who also understands how important responsibility is. Somebody deep.
Gotta be chill.

Dream job?

Professional badass.
Beauty Pageant Queen. Or President.
Peace Corps.
Is sitting at home a job?
Singer/songwriter, or writer.