Can I guess your hair color? ;)

Can I guess your hair color? ;)

I've done some research and studies show a lot about ur personality has to do with ur hair color! So let's see if I'm right! (Btw, plz don't get offended if I get it wrong! It's just hair, u can dye it!) REMEMBER TO COMMENT & FOLLOW! ;)

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Have you cried very recently?

Yes! Within Yesterday-This week
Not THAT recently! Last week-3 weeks ago
I almost cried, but pulled it together
Not really recently 4 weeks ago-last month
Can't remember the last time i cried!

Do you have a lot of money? (Don't worry! Nobody can see your results!)

No, not really
Yes! I'm not SUPER rich, but up there!
Def!!! I have sooo much money!!!
A pretty decent amount! :)
I've lost a lot of money, but made a lot too! :)

How would someone best describe you? (It's best if you get a friend who's around to answer this question for you!)

A leader, VERY clever, can be serious but gentle too
Can be very sensitive, sometimes humorous, likes to blends in with the crowd
Calm in stressful situations, romantic, vibrant personality
creative, can be stubborn sometimes, happy
energetic, ambitious, emotional at times
mysterious (in a good way!), romantic, trustworthy

Describe your dream job!

Some sort of business, but it would still have to be very exciting and fun!
Some kind of artistic job like a poet or artist!
Any job where I could work in the city!
Maybe a fashion designer or model!
More of a mellow job like maybe a teacher!

Someone begins to call you names and push you around... What are you most likely to do?

Try to be as relaxed as possible, but if it gets serious, I'll do something about it!
Put up a little fight but try to be calm and collected at the same time. But the cry a touch when I get home...
Put up a big fight and don't back down
Just walk away, but then bawl as soon as I get home
Try to find some kind of a clever come-back so that I will leave the bully dazed, but I never actually hurt her/his feelings!

You end up sleeping in late and you need to hurry over to school/work... but you cant find your purse/backpack!!! How do you find it?

I usually don't loose things like that
Maybe try to retrace my steps or some other strategy
Just look everywhere I can! I am not leaving without it!!!
Look for it a while but if I'm really going to be late, just make sure I have what I really need... I can survive a day without it
Step 1: Be surprised I lost it
Step 2: Look for it EVERYWHERE
Step 3: Leave, and when you get back, it was on the counter the whole time

What color do you think you look best in?

I can pull off anything from bright pink, to black! :D
A lot of light colors, but I look just AWFUL in any darker colors!
Very bold and vivid colors!
Solid, earthy colors like greens, oranges, and olives
I tend to look good in really anything, but I like to stick to natural colors as long as they're not TOO dark

If you could have any of these pets, which would it be?

A loyal pet like a cat or dog, but something that doesn't take TOO much effort
A kitty, or maybe even a little ferret!
Something abstract with a lot of personality, like a colorful parrot!
Something easy to care for a something common, like a fish or hamster, or something like that

What do people compliment you on the most?

Beauty and Looks!
Great personality!
Smarts and strategy
Simplicity, and friendliness
I'm not sure... kinda a mix of everything!

Why did you take this test?

It looked interesting and I wanna see my results!
I just felt like it
A reason of which I shall not tell you! ;)
Cause i wanna see if you can get it right!