Which celebrity am I?

Which celebrity am I?

The best and most accurate test there is! Try it out now and you will see.

published on September 05, 201353 responses 12
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When you are in a fancy restaurant, what do you order?

FOR GIRLS. My favorite dish that my mother used
to make when I was little
FOR GIRLS. The dish with the weirdest name and
FOR GIRLS. Who cares abou the food, straight to
the cocktails! First rounds on me!
FOR GIRLS. Something fancy and sophisticated.
FOR GIRLS. A steak and a beer.
FOR BOYS. Food you can play with, like french
FOR BOYS. Kaviar and a bottle of the best
FOR BOYS. Ask what they reccomend, then take
FOR BOYS. Chickenwings
FOR BOYS. Something healthy like fish and

How do you feel about love?

FOR GIRLS. love has no gender, everybody can
be loved.
FOR GIRLS. I really need to have a boyfriend or
husband who loves me.
FOR GIRLS. Addicted to boys, has a lot of love to
give in a relationship. Kissing girlfriends is okay
FOR GIRLS. I love rough looking tattood guys.
FOR GIRLS. I am a one man woman and want a
husband who can stand his ground
FOR BOYS. Hard to stay faithfull, but have a
softspot for one special girl.
FOR BOYS. Sex is super important for me, i need
a sexy girl
FOR BOYS. Had my heart broken a few times,
want to settle down with a wonderful confident
FOR BOYS. I dig older chicks.
FOR BOYS. I love to find a beautiful wife and
raise a beautiful family with talented children.

How would you describe yourself?

FOR GIRLS. Very openminded and creative.
FOR GIRLS. Cool and tough.
FOR GIRLS. Stunning, elegant and a rolemodel
for women.
FOR GIRLS. Cute and bubly
FOR GIRLS. Crazy and fun
FOR BOYS. A pretty boy
FOR BOYS. Smooth and sexy
FOR BOYS. Funny and handsome
FOR BOYS. A little weird and goofy, but cute.
FOR BOYS. Charismatic and all-rounded

What music do you like?

FOR GIRLS. Music that you can dance to, but with a message.
FOR GIRLS. Fun up tempo songs, and meeningful slow songs.
FOR GIRLS. Anything with passion
FOR GIRLS. Music that lightens up my mood.
FOR GIRLS. House music
FOR BOYS. Pop music
FOR BOYS. RnB and dance
FOR BOYS. RnB and pop
FOR BOYS. Anything fun to listen to
FOR BOYS. Old school hip hop

What is your style?

FOR GIRLS. I like to look diffrent
FOR GIRLS. I look like a rockchick
FOR GIRLS. I always look fabulous
FOR GIRLS. Cute girl next door look
FOR GIRLS. Sexy and tight clothes, high heels and tanned.
FOR BOYS. Little bit urban, always well taken care of
FOR BOYS. Something that is sophisticated but still shows off my body
FOR BOYS. Boyish look, nothing too fancy
FOR BOYS. Smooth in suit
FOR BOYS. Always looking fly