What is YOUR spirit animal?

What is YOUR spirit animal?

Have you always wondered what your spirit animal is? Now is the time to find out!

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How would you feel if your job required you to relocate?

Bring it on! New experiences make life worth living.
I'd move, but only if the new place were better.
I'd move, but only if the new place were similar to
my current home.
They can take that job and shove it. I ain't goin'

At a party, which room do you gravitate to?

The kitchen, to see if I can help out
The porch, to get fresh air and chat quietly with a
few folks (or chat up a hottie)
Family room, to watch the game or tell stories with
the crowd
Which room is the food in?

Do you listen to your head, or your heart?

Feelings should inform intuition.
Head. It's closer to my ears.
My head consults my heart before making an
executive decision.
The heart knows best.

Someone hits your car by accident. You react by:

Shivering in your car, unable to get out
Jumping out of your car to see if the person needs
Popping out to check the damages done on your car
Shouting and yelling in frustration

A genie appears and offers to give you only one unique power listed below. Which would you pick?

Damage-proof layer of skin
A pair of wings
Superhuman strength

How would you describe your social life?

No time for play
Grabs the occasional drink with a friend or colleague
Let’s party like it’s 1999
So many Facebook friends that you don’t know who
half of them are

You have just time-traveled back to 1912, and unfortunately you landed on the Titanic while it’s sinking. To make things even better, your time machine just broke. You decide to:

Panic and scream
Give up
Swim until you find a floating device
Use someone (dead or alive) as your float

News arrives that a package is waiting at your front door. Your first thoughts are:

It’s a trap or detonator or something dreadful!
I really hope it’s from him/her!
Oh, just another package…
Who’s bothering me now?

Do you have (or want) a mate for life?

Yes! True love is forever.
I'm faithful to my mate, but if we broke up, I'd learn
to love again.
I play the field, but occasionally have a
Second dates are for suckers.

How gullible are you?

I've bought the Brooklyn Bridge. Twice.
I can spot a lie with my eyes closed.
I'm a skeptic, but I take most people's words at face
I'm my friends' favorite practical joke target.

In most situations, are you a leader or a follower?

I always seem to end up in charge
I choose my leadership positions carefully
Follower—let someone else get us in and out of the
Neither—I prefer to stay on the outside

You find a wallet on the seat next to you on the bus. You decide to:

Look around nervously and decide not to say or do
Pick up the wallet and hand it to the bus driver
Pick up the wallet, consider handing it to the bus
driver, put it in your pocket, and then decide finally
to deliver it to the
Put the wallet in your pocket casually and get off at
the next stop