What kind of guy is perfect for you?

What kind of guy is perfect for you?

Ever wondered what kind of guy would be good for you to date? This quiz might help.

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Who is the best band/artist out of all of these?

Black Veil Brides
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Tinie Tempah
The Black Eyed Peas

How do you spend your perfect Friday night?

Football game... Perhaps I'll even see the hot linebacker there
Watching hilarious episodes of Comedy Central, or funny videos on Youtube
Reading or writing poetry... Maybe I'll just sleep, though
Party it up with the girls! Never know who's number you'll get in town
Studying, I have a giant test coming up Monday. I can't fail that!
Just hanging out with friends, maybe a game or two of basketball with the guys.

Your everyday outfit. Describe it.

Sweats, sneakers, messy ponytail.
Skater shoes, black skinnies, a band tee-shirt, eyeliner and messy black hair
Running shoes, my jersey and workout shorts.
My glasses, jeans and a tucked in tee-shirt. Maybe a tie, if I'm feeling fancy.
Bedazzles, sparkles and glitter! Flirty and cute all the way.
Whatever helps me to stand out. Bright colors and funny sayings on tee-shirts.

One word to describe you


What do you believe is life's purpose?

No matter what, have fun.
Laughter is the best medicine
Do your best at all work
Be loud and bold
Live and breathe athletics
Be yourself, no matter what society says

You caught a date! What does he act like?

Nice, I guess. He's kind of quiet and serious. Very emotional about things and refuses to talk about his past.
"All things sports" is his life motto! Did I mention how far he can throw a football? And look at those big arms!
He's a know-it-all, talks all about how he's going to be the smartest man alive one day.
He's only a friend, we're just going as dates one night to a movie. No big deal!
He's funny as anything! He blurts jokes like he doesn't have to think about them.
He's very flamboyant and loves a good party. Hangs out with everyone and anyone!

On your first date with this guy, he brings you a gift. What is it?

A ticket for a concert for my favorite screamo band... to see with him, of course.
A football signed by the whole football team
The calculator I left at his house...
He doesn't bring me anything, but he lets me wear his jacket when I get cold
A flower that sprays water! Ha!
A beautiful diamond necklace that put a definite dent in his wallet.

It's time for this first date. He takes you where...?

That concert. He holds my hand the entire time and afterwords kisses me in a dark alley.
The first game of the season. They win and he runs up the stands and kisses me!
His room... Study date. He walks me home and kisses me on my porch.
The movies. During the movie he pecks my cheek.
To see a comedian. During intermission he kisses me in the lobby.
A party at his friend's house. Slow dancing and kissing...

Your friends meet him. They say...

"That guy will get you in so much trouble!"
"I'm jealous, he's so hot and strong!"
"Are you kidding? But he's such a dork!"
"He's so wild and loud! How can you handle him?"
"That guy's a joke, though! He can't keep serious for more than two minutes!"
"I knew you two liked each other since kindergarten... How cute."

How does he say "I love you" the first time?

"I'd die without you; I love you so much."
Yells from the football field, "I love you, baby! I'm winning this for you!"
"I've really gotten to know you and I think I love you."
"You're my best friend, hon, and I want it to be more. I'm falling in love with you."
"You're the funniest girl in the world. I love your laugh, your smile and everything about you."
"You're my other half, baby! I'm so in love with you!"