Who are YOU? (10)

Who are YOU? (10)

Answer questions, either A or B, and find out whether you're interesting, crazy, boring, ect. (In my opinion, obviously) Hope you enjoy, and don't blame me if you feel that your result was saddening, because I'll tell you that it's only a quiz.

published on September 05, 201351 responses 6
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If you could go to one place in the entire world, where would it be?

North America! So many bustling families and the right to freedom.
South America! I like the warm, dry places and the rainforests.
Europe! I love the foreign foods and the most romantic place in the world.
Antarctica! I love the cold!
Home. That's where my family is.
Russia, so I can fight in a russian force!
Asia, because of the food.
Africa, because the animals are so majestic and the little children need food. I want to help!

Cold, warm, or hot?

Cold! I love the icy chill creeping into my winter clothes while I pelt my friend with ice-snowballs.
Warm! The Spring and Fall are the best times because there's not much wind and you can play in the rain or the leaves.
Hot! I love to stay inside and sit by a warm fire with a hot chocolate and a good book.

Brain or beauty?

Brain is best- i don't care how ugly someone is.
Beauty! I love someone who's beautiful on the outside.

Coke or Pepsi?


Fall or fly?

Fall! I love to feel the wind in my face as i plummet, hitting the oversized air matress.
Fly! I love to be able to soar above the clouds, singing with the birds.