Sleepover With 1D *Part 1*

Sleepover With 1D *Part 1*

This is one of my favorite quizzes I have made and I hope you really do like it!

published on September 05, 201376 responses 19 4.9★ / 5

Ready to have a night with 1D?

As long as there is going to be food!
Sure! This is going to be fun!
Okay! Only if I get Harry
Sweet! I get to spend a night with them!
Yep, just gotta make sure I have everything then I'm off!

You hear a knock at your door and you walk over and answer, there stood Harry.
Harry: "hey, the lads and I wanted to ask if you wanna stay a night with us?"
Y/N: "THAT SOUNDS FUN! Sure I'll come! Just let me get my stuff."
After you got ready you walked out to the van...Who do you wanna sit by?

Liam and Niall
Harry and Lous
ZAYN!!! (He is driving so you want the passengers side)

You sit between Liam and Niall!
Niall: "hey Y/N! It is nice to see you again!"
You smile.
Y/N: "thanks! You too!"
Niall: "how have you been?"

I'm fine, thanks
better now ;)
I've been doing fine, just really excited!

Niall: "good to hear!"
Zayn: "Here we are!"
Y/N: "yay!" *laughs*
Harry looks at you.
Harry: "I can help Y/N with her bags!"
Niall: "WHAT!? But I said I would!"
You laugh. Who do you want to help?

Liam, just Liam
Louis! But he is being quiet...that is never a good sign. Are the aliens going to attack!
Harry! :D
I just want Zayn
Awwww! Let little Nialler help me. Pppllleeeaaassseee *puppy eyes*

Niall: "ugh! Fine!"
Everyone gets out and get situated. You hop out and help Harry get your stuff, you both walk in and he shows you his room.
Harry: "you can keep your stuff in here"
Y/N: "thank you!"
You hug him and he hugs back.
Harry: *looks into your eyes* "wow, you have beautiful eyes."

aaahhh!!!! Niall help mmmeeee!!!
Zayn, I need you to burst into this room and stop this madness!
aaawww, Harry *Blushes*
Louis get your sexy bum in here and help me! your future carrot queen!!!

BAM! Haha! Sorry but that is it for part 1...

Great Quiz! Can't wait for part two! :)
I didn't like it