do horses like you?

do horses like you?

do horses like you hate you love you or do they not care take this quiz to find out.

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You see a lose horse with no owner you...

kick it and walk a way.
Cross your fingers that it will find a good home.
Talk to it to calm it down then take it home and take care of it and put posters all around town saying lost horse found.
Look at it and cry
Go over and give it some grass

Your Best friend ask you if you want her new foal you..

Beg and beg your mom and dad
Say no thank you
say maby
I rather not thank you.

How much time do/would you spend with your horse a day?

1-4 hours a day
30 min
2 hours
1 hour.

How big is your yard?

miles and miles
Yard what yard?
1/2 mile or so
1/4 mile
5/100 of a mile

You go to Colorado and see packs of wild horses you.

Take some pic of the horses
Try to hurt one
I live in colorado I'm used to it
I never want to see wild horses
Look at them and smile