Could U Be My Friend??

Could U Be My Friend??

Find out if I would like you in real life if we ever meet! ;) This is based off of the kind of people I like btw! Enjoy! (Plz comment!)

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Which food sounds the yummiest to you? (Out of these. Sorry if I didn't put ur fav)

Any kind of fruit!
Anything SPICY!!!!
Veggies all the way!!!! :D
Peanut butter and jelly!!!!

Do you like kitties?

NO!!! They're too creepy!! I HATE them!!!
I LOVE KITTIES!!! I could adopt 100!!! :D
I love kittens! I really wish I had one!!!
Um... I don't like them, I don't hate them
Uh huh
I love cats! They're adorable!
Not really...

LEAST favorite color?

Pink! It's way too GIRLY! Blah!!!
Any really dark and depressing color
I <3 Almost all colors!! :)
Black or white. It's just... black and white! How
Darker shades of a really nice color.
Example: A really ugly teal, or a super dark red, etc.
I don't know... I don't really have a favorite nor least
Any neon or bright color. They HURT my eyes!!! D:

At the beach, would you rather swim in the ocean or the pool?

POOL!!! the ocean is scary...
I alternate, but might spend a bit more time in the
OCEAN!!!! It's the original thing! Plus, then I don't
have to worry about chlorine in my hair!
I don't like/know how to swim...
No swimming... I'm just here to get a tan!
Ocean!!! Pools are for babies!

Do you like dramas?

No, not particularly
Sorta, as long as they're not really cheesy and boring
NO!!! I hate them!!! I could fall a sleep watching one!
Not really... I find them boring
I LOVE THEM!!!! I watch them ALL the time!!!

Where would you most want to be right now?

Hershey Park!
A spa!
ANYWHERE around water!!!
A desert!
In a car or train or something like that!
A tropical island!!!
Where i am right now! :)

Do animals have feelings?

NO!!! why would they? They're animals!
I'm not really sure
Science proves otherwise!
YESSS!!!! Of course!!! Why wouldn't they???
Maybe, but I'm not too sure about it
Yeah, sure!

Would you ever tryout for cheerleading?

No way!! They are just to cliche! (Hey! I rhymed!)
Yeah, but I probably wouldn't get in...
No, not likely
Ick! Too girly!!!
I don't really know... I'm not that good at
gymnastics, but possibly

What do you take care of first thing in the morning?

MAKEUP!!! :)
Hair! :D
I don't know... as long as I just look decent

Favorite disney princess?

Merida from brave! She's so rebellious! :)
I hate disney, let alone they're princesses!
I don't know I don't really watch any of the movies
Ariel FOREVER!!!
Cinderella or snow white! One of the classics!
Other! (Srry, i didn't put that many options!)

Do you want to be my friend?

YESSS!!!! I love making friends!
No, not really I just felt like taking it.
It just seemed like a fun quiz!
Eewww! No!
Depends on my result! :)
Sure! I just don't know where you live, etc.
If you want me to!