are you good or evil? (1)

are you good or evil? (1)

This is the time to figure out if your Mommy's angel or are you dishonorable to the family?

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What do you like to do at school?

Help Teachers, Pick up trash, Comfort Students, etc.
Food Fights, Fight!, Draw on walls, Curse, etc.

What is your dream to be when you grow up?

Assassin, Criminal, Gangster, Napoleon Bonapart
Doctor, Vet, Teacher, Volunteer, Missionary etc.

Whats your favorite type of movie/TV show?

Horror, War, Romantic, Criminal 9 (R and PG-13
Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Animal Planet,
Comedy (G and PG rated)

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Community Service, Chores, Volunteer, Walk Dogs,
Shoot Be-Be Guns, Graffiti, Disturb the neighbors,
Brake fragile items

What "dream item" would you like to invent

A machine, where when you walk through it, you're
stabbed by a million thorns. WUAHAHAHA
A machine where you place an animal through it,
and then they instantly becoming well.

What is your favorite Color?

Pink,Purple,Blue,Green,Yellow etc.
Black,Red,Grey,Orange etc.

If you where ruler of the world what would you do?

I would put all the bad guys in the eastern hemi and
all the good guys in the west hemi
I would make all the bad guys, command/whip all
the good guys! THEY ARE MY SLAVES!