Which monster high ghoul are you?

Which monster high ghoul are you?

Just answer a few questions and find out which monster high ghoul you're most like! (Mostly look wise) Visit the profiles on Monsterhigh.com to find out more!

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How do you wear your hair?

Pixie cut short
Brushed back with a clip
Long beach waves
Pulled back in tight high ponytail
Long and curly
In a loose pony tail
Let loose and flowing
Usually in a pony tail or pig tails
Down with a head band
Side ponytail and with tight curls
Down with a feather or dyed braid in it
Let down with a bun
Long and flowing, pulled back with a hair band
Long and a little wavy

If you could dye your hair, what color would it be?

Black and white!!!!
Maybe one or two blue streaks!
Red and black
Deep blue all over!
Green or yellow streak
Maybe a white streak or more!
Light blue with a few darker blue streaks
A few streaks close to my natural color
No dye, I like my natural color! :)
Pink streaks!!! Everyone loves PINK!!! :D
Dyed in some sort of pattern
Pink and light blue streaks!
Some sparkly gold and turquoise streaks

Which pet do you have or want out of these? (If u have more than one pet, just pick the one you spend the most time with!)

Fishies! Or some other sea creature!!
A cute little puppy! :)
A spider!! I'm not freaked out by them at all!
An adorable little kitty cat!
A bird!!! Or maybe something really exotic like a bat!
An elephant!!! :D
A snak-edey snake!
An adorable little animal like a bunny or ferret!!!
I'm still deciding ... It's a tough choice to make!
A birdie! Maybe even something like a penguin!
Some exotic kitty like a tiger or lion!
A beetle or other bug!
An OWL! I <3 OWLS!!!
Used to have a pet but he/she died or we had to give
him/her away...
(Me: I'm sorry! :( )

How tall are you?

I'm average, maybe an inch or two higher
I'm very tall!!! I like looking down on everyone!
I'm VERY short... I would prefer the term petite
Pretty much average, maybe like a centimeter taller
than my friends
Just right!
Almost average, maybe an inch or two shorter
Pretty much average, maybe like a centimeter
shorter than my friends
I'm kinda short, but I slouch a little anyways
I am actually pretty tall! Maybe not basket ball player
tall, but up there!
Tall, but everyone else in my family is
I'm not really sure
Sorta short, but I'm evened out
Tall and sturdy!

Which color is the most appealing out of these? :D

Gold, gold, and... oh yeah! GOLD!!!
Anything in the green or blue range!
Light blue, white, maybe a splash of pink!
Gold, red, maybe a nice jade color!
Everything needs a big, bright splash of PINK!!! :D
(Me: I agree!)
Some sort of metallic color like bronze, silver, or
Red, maybe even some black or white
A deep, beautiful, turquoise. And of course gold!
Blue, red... the typical
Green! :)
White, silver, or a deep violet!
Everything in black and white!!!
Orange, red, and fiery colors!
Purple!!!! ;D

What do you read?

Gossip Magazines!
Reading? Who reads?
Fashion magazines... I just have to know whats in
and whats out weeks before anyone else!
Girl Power Magazines!
Comics!!! :)
Celeb Magazines and gossip!
I like reading plays and musicals!
History books
Sports and swimsuit magazines!
Pranks and joke books!
Whatever anyone else is reading
Vegan cook books!
A camping or outdoor guide
Wintry books!
Mind games and puzzles