Which EOS are you?

Which EOS are you?

Find your inner EOS with this cool Quiz. Are you a more of a sweet mint or honeydew melon? Take this quiz and you will see!

published on August 30, 201366 responses 15
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Who is your favorite singer?

I like someone along the lines of a Katy Perry. I love her passionate music and i really like beats like "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)"
I think that i am a better singer than anyone! I crush Beyonce like a bug!
I dont have a favorite everyone sings like angels! Well.. Except Miley Cyrus....
I like Justin Beiber. I wish he was MY boyfriend:)

What is your favorite animal?

A big, bold, giraffe.
A rainbow Unicorn! Mommy says they are fake, but they are real! I saw when when i was in Narnia.
Kitty mew mew mew
A small cute dog.
A beautiful majestic polar bear!
A cool horse!

What is your favorite Activity?

Knitting fluffy sweaters.
Singing if thats a sport...
I like competitive reading. So fun!

What is your signature makeup color?

I don't need to wear makeup. I personally don't think anyone needs it. everyone is beautiful inside and out!
OMG! I love a bright pink! I think it really brings out my lips! I just love the shimmer to it!
A Maroon really suits me. It makes me feel like a princess when i wear that awesome gloss!
I wear a bright red color it is almost the color or a sweet watermelon. Yum!
Well i dont really use lip stick or lip gloss for that matter. I think chap stick brings out my smooth lips!
I like purple. There is nothing much to say.

Are you more of a social type or a shy guy?

Totally a social type! If there's a party, i will be there! just give me a second to get my dress dry cleaned!
Shy... sorry i dont really like talking to people.. UHH... GOTTA GO! bye!
No time to talk! I'm into my magazine! I need to finish this new issue! Wow! This is the life Kim! This is the life!
Yeah im like totally A social butterfly but don't mess with me or the kitty balms come out! RARR!
Yeah im kind of a shy-ish type. I mean i don't necessarily live the live of the party but i am still a fun chick! Dont get in my way of my math though or i will get maaaddd!
Uhh, im kind of social. I mean i love my friends but i love my makeup even more! I dont go out unless there is a reason.

What is your Favorite color?

My baby brothers blanket green
Pink perfect pretty pink
Snow crystal blue
Why do u need 2 know

What is your favorite clothing store?

I like justice clothing. So pretty.
Aeropostale suits my fab look!
Hollister Totally!
I like My grandmas homemade scarf she knit for me. And its totally free! It makes me happy.
Saks fifth avenue. NYC BABY!