Are You Popular At School

Are You Popular At School

Ever Wonder If Your Classed As Popular At Your School Take My Quiz And Find Out

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How Many Friends Do You Have At School

Non Or 1-5
5-10 Or To Many To Count

Do You Lead Or Follow At School

I Am A Leader
I Am A Follower

Do You Have People That Do Stuff OrBuy Stuff At School For You

Yes They Do Stuff/ Buy Stuff For Me
No One Ever Do Stuff / Buy Stuff For Me

Fave Colour


Do You Get The Big Parts In School Plays

Every Time If Not Most Of The Time
Never I usually get small extra parts Or Non At All

What Do People Do When You Walk Past Them

Say Hi Or Smile
Make Rude Comments Or Don't Say Anything At All

Do You Lead A Club At School

Yes I Do
No I Don't

Last One: How Was The Questions

Totally Wicked
I Dunno